Why you shouldn't like your own posts on Facebook.

9:03 AM

Disclaimer: This is merely my personal opinion, and is not intended to offend anyone.

I've noticed a few people liking their own posts on Facebook. Personally, it looks as though they are high-fiving themselves. It doesn't look good at all. (Wouldn't recommend anyone to like their own posts on Facebook for that reason.) That got me puzzled. There must be an underlying reason for such a behaviour, so I decided to find out why people do this.

Possible reasons:

01. To bump up their post for more exposure.
02. Self-justification.
03. Gratification from the acknowledgement from others.

All three reasons seem to tie in with the lack of self-esteem. This makes me REALLY sad.

The number of likes does not determine the value of who you are as a person or whether you're liked by your friends. Perhaps your friends might be busy that day, so much that they don't have the time to log into Facebook. Or maybe your post is not at the top of their news feed, and they didn't bother to scroll down to see older posts. Whatever it is, it's definitely nothing personal (of course, unless you've done something wrong by them). I have some friends who only have an average of two likes on their posts on Facebook, but they are one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Why the miserable amount of likes then, I hear you ask? Well, they don't have many friends who are active on Facebook.

With this, I strongly believe that you should post statuses and photos on Facebook for yourself, not for others. Don't post for likes, but rather for the platform to 'store' your memories. (Unless you're making a career/money out of it - business ventures, blogging, youtube.) However, I must add that it's normal to want to share life updates with your Facebook friends, like a new pet, an engagement, a graduation, a wedding, travel adventures...etc. But just remember this, likes and comments are just bonus interactions by friends. Please know that the number of likes does not determine your self-worth. You are worth more than the number of likes you receive. You are important.

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