Why do people think I'm Japanese/Korean?

7:00 PM

Although today was relatively hot, we still made our way to Westfield Carousel to run some errands. We were out of noodles, so we decided to drop by the Korean store to grab a packet or two. The cashier greeted us enthusiastically, then tried to make conversation with us in Korean, to which we just smiled and nodded in response. But this isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, it happens at least once a week when I go out to run errands. I get people coming up to me asking if I'm Korean or just simply start a conversation with me in Korean. I always get amused by it.

That reminds me of something that happened quite recently. Just last month, someone rang my doorbell. The first thing he said when we saw me was, "Hi, 한국사람입니까?"

Translation: Hi, are you Korean?

Looking at my face, he already had the impression that I could have been Korean.

The funny thing was that I used to be told that I looked Japanese when I was a baby/toddler/kid. Random strangers would come up to my mum and ask if I was Japanese. So having heaps of comments about me looking Japanese when I was much younger, I was definitely amused when the Korean comments came along (as a full grown adult).

Let me show you some photos:

When I was younger...

Image: My uncle, me and my aunty.

Image: Me in class.

Image: My older sister and I.

How I look like now...

So with that, I would really like to know what you think.

01. Did I look like a Japanese as a kid?
02. Do I really look Korean now?

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