Why I'm successful in life.

5:48 PM

What do you want in life? In other words, what is your ultimate goal?

A few years ago, if I was asked this question, I would say that it would be to get a good job and to earn lots of money. However, if I were asked the same question today, my answer would be absolutely different. All I want in life is pure happiness. So that was basically what I was searching for in the last few years. Happiness, happiness, happiness. It was everything I thought about everyday, from day to night. Over time, it became something I was obsessed in pursuing that it began to consume my life. Thankfully, this ended quickly when I came to a realization that 'happiness' was right in front of me. It was foolish of me to be blinded by the obvious.

Life not about finding happiness, but creating it.

Well, so how do you create happiness? It naturally occurs when you're satisfied with what you have in life. All you have to do is to cherish, treasure and appreciate all the small little things in life. For me, I'm thankful that I have a supportive family, a loving boyfriend, and a handful of caring friends. On top of that, I'm fortunate enough to have an opportunity to obtain a good education and live a comfortable life with a roof over my head. What more can I ask for?

Despite this, I must admit that I'm not ALWAYS happy. Be realistic. It's impossible to be happy all the time. In life, there will always be good and bad times, ups and downs. But whenever I'm in a rut, I remind myself to keep my head up and focus on the positive things that life has given me so far. Appreciation is the key to achieving one's happiness.

Now, did you know? Your ultimate goal in life actually goes hand-in-hand with success.

What is success to you? When one achieves what they want in life, aka the ultimate goal, they are successful. We are motivated to live and make meaning in life when we have goals to achieve, and are successful. The majority of people see success as obtaining a high position in a well-paying job as per society's expectations. I used to belong in the same category, especially with the cultural influence from the people around me. Having Asian parents only meant that I had a lot of pressure in regards to aiming for a high-paying job and a good position in a reputable company. In addition to that, most of my friends see success in the same way as well. With this, that's what I thought the definition of success could only be.

Needless to say, I was VERY wrong. Success is very subjective. Everyone views success in different ways, even though it may seem like there's only one way to define success. In my case, I feel successful when I'm filled with happiness. I'm thankful that I refuse to let greed consume my life in every aspect. Apart from the basic necessities in life, I don't need anything more. Be as it may, if I happen to be blessed enough to be spoiled by the aspects of luxury, I'm just going to be thankful for it. To appreciate, cherish, treasure and be contented with my life. After all, that's what creates happiness. As a matter of fact, having never-ended demands would only bring about unhealthy cravings, which ultimately leads to discontentment.

Now, this brings us to the most important question: Being discontent, can you ever be happy?

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