Travel Plans.

11:03 PM

I'm doing some travelling in 2017! Nothing too major, since I'm visiting the same countries again (not surprising). My next trip starts in 2.5 weeks' time and I'm absolutely stoked.

23rd January 2017 - Depart Perth for Hong Kong.
1st February 2017 - Depart Hong Kong for Taiwan.
5th February 2017 - Depart Taiwan for Hong Kong.
13th February 2017 - Depart Hong Kong for China.
15th February 2017 - Depart China for Hong Kong.
22nd February 2017 - Depart Hong Kong for Singapore.
23rd February 2017 - Depart Singapore for Hong Kong.

Sadly, I will only be transiting in Singapore this time. Feeling quite upset that I won't be able to catch up with old friends. But I suppose it's a decision we had to make since we can't afford accommodation in Singapore, since we are already spending quite a lot of money on our trip to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Maybe next time. Hopefully.

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