On speaking many languages.

10:51 PM

I'm very determined to keep my New Year Resolutions. Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to take up Malay? Well, I didn't want to waste any time procrastinating. So today, I did some searches on Google for some useful websites which had basic lessons for beginners. Bookmarked them in one folder for future reference. Then I thought long and hard about it. If I wanted to learn Malay, I should brush up on the languages that I already know (and improve my proficiency first, before adding a new language to the list).

Languages that I can speak are as follows:

English: Fluent
Chinese: Advanced
Japanese: Intermediate
Korean: Basic
Cantonese: Conversational

English, as my mother tongue, is a no-brainer for me. For Chinese, I decided to put it aside first. After all, the only thing that needs improvement is vocabulary (which can be learnt easily). It would be a better idea to improve the proficiency of the rest on my list, so that it would eventually be comparable to the fluency of my second language. My end goal is to be equally fluent in several languages, so that I could one day be referred to as a polyglot.

In a bid to improve my proficiency, I downloaded some language applications on my iPhone 7 Plus. Spent two or three hours working on the grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary of both the Japanese and Korean language. Feeling so productive today - and hopefully, I'll continue to keep it up and work on my proficiency for the next six months.

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