Interesting Facts About Me.

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I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but never got a chance to do so for several reasons. Since I'm in such a good mood today, I thought that it may be the perfect time to present some interesting facts about me. So, here we go:

01. I suffer from Emetophobia.

For those who don't know what this is, let me give you a definition of what this is. Emetophobia is the intense, irrational fear or anxiety pertaining to vomiting. My phobia stems from a certain situation that happened a few years ago (in Singapore).

For all you Singaporeans, this happened in Junction 8. I went to the toilet to pee, and like most people, headed to the sink to wash my hands after. Then I walked out and continued to browse around in shops. But there was a horrible smell that seemed to follow me everywhere. I looked under my shoes discreetly but there was nothing sticking to it. So I continued walking, hoping that the smell would stop following me. However, it didn't go away. I decided to find out where the stench was strongest, just so that I could find the 'culprit'. To my dismay, I realized that the smell came from my fingers, and it was the stench of vomit.

It must have rubbed on me when I had touched the tap while washing my hands!

I ran to the nearest toilet and washed my hands multiple times with soap. I was so upset that I had indirectly touched someone's vomit. Since then, I've had a bad case of Emetophobia. Whenever someone throws up, I wouldn't go near them or the place that they had vomited at.

So one day, when my boyfriend felt sick and threw up, I refused to let him come near me. I also avoided using the same toilet that he had vomited in, and had to ask him heaps of questions to feel better about the whole situation.

Did your vomit splash out of the toilet bowl?
Did you vomit on your hands?
Did you have vomit on any part of your face?
Did you wash your hands with soap?

Also, my Emetophobia gets so bad that I would refrain from doing anything that might potentially make me vomit. Like drinking alcohol, drinking milk or taking public transport (because I have a bad case of motion sickness). Neither do I eat any leftovers that have been placed in the fridge for more than a day. I also look at best-before and use-by dates as though they are poison, and would rather go hungry if I didn't have any other food stored in my pantry.

02. I have a mild case of OCD!

My OCD relates more to perfection and hygiene. I think it's mainly because I'm a perfectionist. There were times when I was in Primary School where I was extremely upset that I had made a mistake on my paper. So instead of using liquid paper/whiteout to remove my mistakes, I had to start again from scratch. I would redo until I felt that it was perfect. Although it was very time consuming, I felt like it was worth it. Teachers got very frustrated with me and my behaviour because I took a long time to finish my work. Of course, not forgetting my mum who was very upset at me too, because I would waste a lot of paper from 'starting again'.

Then my behaviour worsened. I began to be obsessed with certain colours, namely purple, black and white. I would refuse to own anything if it wasn't in these colours (apart from clothes, of course). So I cleaned out my whole bedroom, throwing away everything that wasn't in 'my colours' and only bought new stuff in either black, white or purple. I really hated my curtains then, because of the yellow and blue patterns. But my mum had sewed the curtains for us by hand when we first moved to Perth, so I felt too bad to throw it away. Thus, I had no choice but to leave it in my room - but it definitely made it uneasy every single day.

Above: Photos of my old bedroom.

After a lot of complaining about the colour of my curtain, my mum finally bought me new curtains in plain purple! But sadly, I didn't get a chance to enjoy the new addition to my room, because I ended up moving out of home to live with my boyfriend a few days later. Sorry, mum.

I'll have to add though, I'm no longer as obsessive compulsive as I used to be. After living with my boyfriend for years, I've gotten used to owning items with different colours. But my hangers still have to face the same way, and my clothes (as well as his) has to be arranged according to shades and colours. Sometimes, I even insist on having certain items in specific places. But other than that, I would say that my obsessive compulsive behaviour isn't as bad as it used to be.

As for OCD in terms of hygiene, it's quite simple. If I go out and sit on a chair in a restaurant, I wouldn't sit on the chair in my house with the same bottoms. Also, I'd have to wash my hands whenever I touch something dirty. The definition of 'dirty' to me, however, is over-exaggerated. You see, even common areas in my apartment are considered dirty to me. My thought process goes like this: "Well, I didn't see what the person touched before touching the microwave button. For all I know, there could be faecal particles on the button."

03. I have neat handwriting.

All my life, I've been told that I have really neat handwriting. Some people think that being a perfectionist, I've probably spent a considerable amount on time to perfect my handwriting. But in reality, that's not the case at all. It comes naturally to me. I've written like this ever since I was 7, when I first started Primary School and it has been like that since.

Okay, admittedly not the best handwriting I've done. But I couldn't be bothered writing a new one, so I stole this from my old blog. But this would give you a rough idea.

Fun fact: I got scolded by someone because of my handwriting (same situation - twice).

I was taking an exam in University, and had finished my paper. So I put up my hand for the examiner to collect my exam paper, so that I could leave the hall. He looked at it and started shouting at me, "Hello? Why did you leave everything blank?! What is this? You don't even have your name or Student ID on your paper!" I was bewildered, not expecting for this to happen.

In a small voice, I spoke up to defend myself. "Erm, sorry. But this is my name and Student ID. And if you look closer, you can see that I've answered all the questions." After my clarification, he laughed out loud and apologised for the false accusation that he had made.

He then called me a human typewriter. True story.

04. I can speak many languages.

I can speak English (duh!), Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I can also understand a bit of Malay and Hokkien, but of course, not fluent enough to completely understand the language. On a relevant but side note, I can understand Cantonese perfectly well but can't speak the language.

The reason boils down to my perfectionist self. I don't think that my pronunciation in Cantonese is accurate enough for my liking. You see, unless I sound like a native (or close to one), I won't even dare to speak in the language. Thankfully, I'm able to imitate a local in Chinese, Japanese and Korean to a reasonably high standard. At least I think so.

05. I'm Agony Aunt to many.

I'm known by the person to go to for advice. To many of my friends, I'm Agony Aunt. They usually come to me to rant out their troubles and seek advice. Perhaps I'm just a good listener and/or a person that gives good advice. Personally, I've been told that people feel comfortable in confiding to me because I'm not very judgmental and extremely understanding. It makes me feel good that I can help people in times of need, namely friends.

If any of you need good advices pertaining to any types of life issues like friends, relationships or even family, you can email me at:

Feel free to remain anonymous if you wish.

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