How $2 restored my faith in humanity.

7:29 PM

I know, I'm supposed to refraining from drinking too much Bubble Tea since I'm trying to curb my addiction. But because the weather was too hot, I just couldn't resist a nice cold drink. Don't think anyone could do so, if they were in my shoes.

So anyway, I was buying some Bubble Tea from Presotea Carousel when coins fell out of my money pouch, and began rolling everywhere. Both hands were full with groceries bags, so my boyfriend had to clean up my 'mess' by picking them up. One by one. Oops, sorry. As I watched him pick the coins up from the ground, I felt a light nudge on my right arm. It was a nice woman with her hand outstretched. There was a small $2 coin lying on her palm. I was informed that I had dropped it seconds ago.

Wow. I haven't come across an honest person in a while.

It may not seem like a huge thing, having a simple $2 coin being returned to someone. But to a person going through hard times (like me), that would mean a lot to them. So please, don't ever underestimate the power of such a simple action. Always be kind in whatever you do.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is how a $2 coin restored my faith in humanity.

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