Ghostly Encounters: Part 1

6:24 PM

Happened to come across a blog post of someone's ghostly encounters. That inspired me to share about my own. All these stories are 100% real and are not fabricated in any way.

The Toilet

I attended an all-girls Catholic Primary School when I was still studying in Singapore. Most of you might be able to guess which one I'm referring to. That's right, I went to CHIJ Toa Payoh. This happened when I was in Primary 1 (7 years old). Like most kids, I had a friend who would accompany me to the toilet whenever I needed to relieve myself.

That day, I went to the toilet with 'Y' who was my best friend then. This was the layout:

Pardon my messy sketch (did it on an iPhone with my fat finger). Hopefully it makes sense.

Grey: Mirror
Pink: Window
Blue: Cubicles
Red: Where that 'item' was

So upon entering the toilet, we turned right and saw a crumpled sock on the ground lying beside the wall. It seems normal right? No, that sock was completely bloody. As though it was our first reaction, we jumped and screamed at the top of our voices. I told 'Y' that it could possibly belong to one of the Primary 6 girls who has gotten their period for the first time. Perhaps she didn't have a pad or didn't know what was happening to her body, so she ended up using a sock as last resort. We calmed down after that, and began walking left.

As soon as we got into the 'main area' of the toilet, I felt that it was very stuffy. Looking up at the windows, I noticed that the windows were firmly shut. No wonder there wasn't any fresh air in here. While I was thinking about this, my friend proceeded to enter one of the cubicles (walking towards it). I turned left and looked at the mirror. It had blood residue splattered on it. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it had spelled out a word: DIE. I screamed, and this alerted my friend to turn around and face the mirror too. This time, we screamed in unison. Before we could plan to run out of the toilet, the doors began to slam one after the other. Like dominos.

"Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!"

I ran as fast as I could, screaming at the top of my lungs. I managed to escape from the creepy toilet. But wait. How could the doors slam one after the other like dominos if the windows weren't open? Also, it couldn't have came in from the main door as the layout of the toilet wouldn't allow it to happen. Hold on, where was my friend? If she was frightened too, why is she still in the toilet? I was concerned about her well-being but was too afraid to check on her. So I stood against a wall at a distance from the toilet, waiting for her to come out.

This was the layout of the outside of the toilet:

Grey: Balcony
Blue: Toilet
Purple: Wall

So I leaned against the wall, worried about my friend. After 5 minutes, she walked out. She looked like she was possessed - in the sense that she walked really stiffly and headed towards the balcony. A normal person would be able to notice someone leaning against the wall upon exiting the toilet. So since we were friends, why didn't she walk to me? Why did she just look straight at the balcony and walk towards it? I just didn't get it. So I kept quiet and watched her. All of a sudden, I noticed that she was displaying some strange behaviour. She held on tightly to the support rails of the balcony, but yet, it looked like she was being pushed.

She screamed, "Marie, stop pushing me! Stop pushing me, please! I'm really going to fall."
What on earth was she on about?

I was leaning against the wall and wasn't even near her, let alone push her. So if I'm not the one pushing her, who was? As soon as this thought came into my head, I screamed for the last time and ran back to class. (Yes, I left her alone again.) I asked my friends whether they had heard me screaming. To my horror, they said no. But they were two classrooms away from the toilet, so there was no way that they couldn't have heard it. Anyway, after 15 minutes, my friend came back safely to class but she seemed 'out of it' somehow.

I never talked to her again because I was THAT scared.

The Explosion

One day, my friend came over to my place for a sleepover. We slept late that night. Because it was the day that I held a birthday party, we spent some time cleaning up the mess in the house. I remember my friend telling me that she felt hungry, so we ran to the kitchen to see what there was to eat. I glanced at the clock on the wall in the living room. Ah, 2.55 AM. I suppose we could afford to have some supper since it's not that late (yes, I used to sleep super late). So as we were talking and looking through the items in my pantry, the clock exploded.

There was a flash of light coming from the clock, while a loud 'BAM!' came from it. At the same time, the lights in the kitchen started to flicker for about 5 seconds before we stood in absolute darkness. Screaming in unison, we raced to the comfort of my bedroom and locked the door.

PS: As I was running to my room, I did try to turn on the light switch, to no avail.

That night, we didn't take a shower or brush our teeth. We were too scared to leave the room. The next morning, I woke up and found my mum in the kitchen. I decided to tell her what happened. She laughed and told me that it was most likely my imagination and that the light bulb was probably fused. Thinking about it, I realised that I was probably thinking too much and that it was probably a fused light bulb situation that happened that night. But when I tried turning on the light switch, it worked perfectly fine. Which was extremely freaky since the night before, the other lights in the house worked apart from that one.

I must add though, the scariest thing was that the clock in the living room stopped at 3 AM.

Nowadays, I try to make it a point not to stay awake at 3 AM just in case I come across a similar encounter. Not sure if the time has to do with anything, but I rather be safe than sorry.

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