Ghostly Encounters: Part 2

1:51 PM

The last post on ghostly encounters was of popular demand, so I decided to do a Part 2. Hopefully, you won't read this before bed (wouldn't do it if I were you). If you haven't done so already, you can read Ghostly Encounters: Part 1 for my first hand experiences.

Note: The stories I'm going to share today would be of someone else's experiences.

The Hungry Ghost

My new housemate was told this story by his friend who had a first hand experience. So let's call this friend 'P'. So 'P' and his friends went on a holiday and like most people, stayed in a hotel. When they entered the room, they found it a little creepy and uncomfortable. But they just shrugged it off and assumed that it was only because they had a vivid imagination or something along those lines. They decided that it wasn't too bad. After all, they would be out the whole day and would only be sleeping in the hotel room at night. What could possibly go wrong?

So they settled in that particular room. All four of them, with two in each bed. As they were dozing off, two of the guys felt a kick. "Stop fooling around. We have to get up early tomorrow. Go to bed." But the other two guys was confused upon hearing that and insisted that they weren't fooling around. They were trying to fall asleep too. Then, there was another kick on the bed. The two guys repeated themselves, "Stop kicking! I'm really tired and I want to sleep."

Not long after, they heard a rustling sound. Then they heard something tearing. The boys whispered, "Did you hear that? Was it any of you?" All of them insisted that it wasn't them, since they were all in bed ready to sleep. They were so spooked out that they couldn't stand it any longer. The four boys ran, grabbing their belongings with them. They rushed straight to the hotel reception and begged to get a change of rooms. Lucky for them, they ended up getting a new room, and this time, it didn't feel that creepy so all of them slept reasonably well.

The next morning, they went to the hotel reception to check out. The receptionist said, "I'm sorry to inform you but you would have to pay an extra fee for the chocolate that you ate in the first room." The thing was, neither of them ate anything in the hotel, let alone the hotel room.

Get it? The rustling and tearing was the sound of the chocolate wrapper being opened.

Ghost In The Mirror

This was another story from my housemate.

His friend noticed a white figure at the corner of his eye. He jumped and felt really scared. He didn't dare to turn around, just in case he ended up coming face to face with the ghostly figure. So he continued walking straight, trying his best to ignore the presence of the white figure. But the truth was, he was afraid. It seemed to be following him everywhere. Whenever he turned left or right, it was still there. He started to walk faster, hoping that this would help to shake off the 'ghost'. But he noticed from the corner of his eye that it was still there. Feeling scared, he began to run, and he ran as fast he could, all the way back home.

He locked himself in the bathroom and tried once again, to look from the corner of his eye. Alas, the ghost had indeed followed him home. He mustered up his courage to look into the mirror. Perhaps it was best to come face to face with the ghostly creature.

He looked into the mirror, and there it was!

A grain of rice was stuck to his eyelashes! 😅

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