Childhood Memories.

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Was reminiscing childhood memories, when I was back in Singapore as a kid. Those days were the best. As kids, we didn't have any responsibilities on our backs then, and only cared about having fun and enjoying ourselves. Our problems at the time was were just a stone in the road, such as disagreement with friends or getting upset with parents.

Ah, those were the days.

Fighting over an M&M.

I haven't really mentioned this before, but I have two sisters (one older and one younger). My younger sister and I used to play a lot together, given the fact that we only have an age difference of 1 year. Of course, being so close meant that we fought a lot.

Growing up, we had really bad sibling rivalry. We fought about everything and anything, which absolutely drove my mum up the wall. My mum had to make sure that everything was equal to stop the jealousy, fighting and competition between us. If I had a new dress, my sister would get one too, but just in a different colour. If we were given snacks, we would be given the same amount and types of snacks. Sadly, it didn't work as effectively as she hoped it would.

We had a disagreement over M&Ms one day. If I remembered correctly, there was an extra M&M left in the packet after we had equally divided the lot. I had popped the extra M&M into my mouth, and that fueled some jealousy in my sister. She got a chair and charged towards me in anger, as I tempted to protect myself by attempting to kick her before she got to me. Alas, the chair ended up hitting my knee first, and I fell to the ground in pain. Of course, I was furious and was determined to take revenge. Guess what? I ended up doing the worse thing that someone could ever do. I grabbed her head with two hands and smashed it on the side of the table.

Thankfully she wasn't hurt. She could have ended up in hospital with stitches if her head had split open. Can't believe I actually did that to her when I was much younger. Our relationship has improved ever since we became adults, and we no longer compare, fight or feel jealous of the other. It was simply a phase that we had gone through.


Image: Pomelo Girl Thoughts.

One day, my younger sister and I discovered the existence of 'Neopets', a virtual pet community where users were able to feed, play and customize their virtual pet. We were obsessed about this website, and it didn't help that it was quite a popular game in our school. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to use the computer for a maximum of 1 hour each day in Primary School; probably because my mum didn't want us to be addicted to technology at such a young age.

We decided to defy this rule, and began sneaking on the computer every time she wasn't in the room. Her nagging fell on deaf ears, no matter how much she tried to stop us from doing so. Not knowing what else to do, my mum resorted to setting up a password on the computer. But we eventually got smarter - we would stand behind her and memorise the password while she typed it in. Then when she left the house, we would sneak online to play Neopets.

Upon hearing our mum come home, we would switch the computer off immediately, clear all our evidence (read: cache and cookies), and run back to our bedroom. Over time, she found out what we had been doing because the computer was hot to the touch.

Earning money from selling.

Image: Always Bamboo.

One day, my neighbours came over to my place to play. We were eating ice cream that we found lying in my freezer, when I got an idea. We decided to decorate the ice cream sticks and sell them to our neighbours for money. So all of us helped with the washing, drying and decorating part of our task. Knowing that I could potentially get in trouble, I assigned two of my youngest neighbours to go door-to-door, selling ice cream sticks for $0.20 each.

What did I do? I hid at the staircase observing them and just watching the reaction people had when they were asked to buy $0.20 ice cream sticks. Sounds like an impossible feat? Well, not really. We actually managed to earn $1, which was spent on sweets at the convenience shop.

Calling the police.

I had always wanted to know what would happen if my mum thought that I was missing. Would she care? Or would she just continue on with life? So one day, I hid in my cupboard. I told myself: No matter how many times my mum called for me, I wouldn't come out.

It was dark and stuffy, but yet, I insisted on staying in the cupboard until my mum came to look for me. It wasn't long before she called my name over and over again, to which I ignored. Eventually, she got angry and started to lose her patience. She yelled at the top of her voice, "You better come out now or I'll call the police!" As much as I was scared, I wanted to know whether she would care if I were missing; it was something that I had to know the answer to. So I continued sitting in the cupboard. But, the next thing I heard forced me to come out. She probably knew me too well, because she ended up saying this:

"Okay, giving you one last chance before I call the police. I know you're hiding from me. You better come out now. I'm going to count to 5 right now. 5...4...3...2...1." And, I came out.

Undoubtedly, I've matured since then. Those days were fun, but my definition of 'fun' has definitely changed since then. Currently living the life of a 25 year old, with adult responsibilities, rent, bills, insurance, and management of finances to attend to.

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